come tweet with me.


Are you on twitter? I am... sort of. I only post about new recipe updates. Have any suggestions for good people to follow? I don't totally get what it's all about, but I figure I should at least find some fun people to follow since I have an account. I was really just working on my icing skills since that's on my list, and I sure had fun making these with my friend Jennifer. I made this one for my brother who is quite the tweeter. Hello joshthemoore.

Want to work on icing sugar cookies? Click here for some hints on getting those from-a-bakery-looking cookies.


  1. I don't completely get it either but I follow a few people just for fun. One who usually has pretty funny food comments is @thepioneerwoman

  2. I follow you as well as smitten kitchen because I like to get a tweet when you update your blog. Keep that up!

  3. I think Ellen Degeneres is pretty funny to follow and Conan O'Brien as well.

  4. I don't really get twitter either, but I have signed up for it. And would love some suggestions of who to follow too. Glad to know you are on it. That is a start!