parties: Father's Day in the Backyard

Father's Day Menu
We had quite the backyard party to celebrate Father's Day.  With a brother I love who is a father of two and a dad I adore, I decided we should celebrate them both.  This menu would work at your backyard parties all summer long. 
Father's Day Collage


4 Weeks + A Wedding Cake

Well, let's just cut to the chase.

I'm making a wedding cake.

Let's hit some hard details with a little q&a first so we are on the same page.  Below is a sample of the many questions I have been asked in response to this news.

Have you ever made a wedding cake?  No

Do you have the equipment for this?  Um, kinda.

Do you know how to stack multiple cakes and make perfectly smooth icing?  Hmmm, no.

Are you insane?  I like the term optimistic better.

Oh, and we have exactly 4 weeks to make this happen.

So far, I have enrolled in Wilton icing classes at Michael's with my friend Katie.  Now I have to admit, I didn't exactly see Michael's craft center as a place to learn cutting edge technique, but it was all I could find in June.  And so far, it's turning out to be perfect.  I needed the basics and they totally know what they are talking about.

Week 1... we started with icing technique.  I have mastered the star shape.  Too bad that has nothing to do with wedding cake design.  Who cares... it's a start and I learned a ton about the essential tools I'm going to need.

I need support.  Major.  I feel supported just be putting this out there so I'm going to keep the updates rolling for the next month. You might not be crazy enough to take on a wedding cake, but I will also share what I learn about perfectly icing a cake. Who doesn't need that skill in their tool belt?

And one more thing... if you have an inkling of experience in the wedding cake (or any monumental cake) department, any and all tips being accepted (and begged for) starting now! Leave a comment or if you quite a bit to say or don't like comments... email me... ashleaktaylor@gmail.com.


Mini Potato Boats + Father's Day Food

Father's Day is upon us.  Here's what you should do...

Invite your pops over.  If he is not a Southern Baptist minister, crack him open a beer. Find him a cozy chair to settle into and hand him the remote to channel surf for a couple hours.  Don't worry, you don't have to be a witness to the channel surfing.  You will be busy in the kitchen cooking up a storm.  Let's make man food and make our dads proud (and full).
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