Giveaway! Lucky Girl Hair Tie Holiday Set- Closed

lucky girl hair ties
No matter what skills you have or don't have in the kitchen, there is one thing that will ruin any meal... yep, that's right, hair in your food.

Kind of a gross concept so let's not dwell on it.

Let's just move on to the solution.  Sure any plain old rubber band will work but I like to take any opportunity to jazz things up.  Enter Lucky Girl Hair Ties.  The ties are showing up all over the place, but you can't beat the selection and price of this Etsy shop.

Congrats to Brittni and Shelley!


Ham & Cheddar Potato Soup

ham and cheddar potato soup
When you send your husband to the grocery store and there is a severe and expensive mistake made in the deli department, it is hard to know who is to blame.


Cranberry Apricot Brie

cranberry apricot brie There are two situations that you could in find yourself in on this Thanksgiving Eve that could make this recipe quite worth your while.


Perfect Pumpkin Pie with Rum Whipped Cream

pumpkin pie 2
It seems as if I have disappeared again.  But this time, the delay has come from an important culinary cause... finding the perfect pumpkin pie.  It actually started with pumpkin donut holes in October, which finally got discarded after 3 variations were still not the best.

I moved on to this important Thanksgiving staple in hopes I could find a perfect combo by the big day.


A Wedding Cake Roller Coaster... the novel.

the wedding cake
Here's to hoping that someone out there subscribes to the wonderful saying better late than never. 

To catch you up to speed or jog your memory, I made a wedding cake for 150 people this summer.  With few baking skills to claim and an ambitious attitude, I took on this project and it turned out to be quite the undertaking.  Without further ado, here is the wedding cake story...