I'm Ashlea.

Glad you stopped by.  I like eating, which has led me to a love of cooking.  I am 25 26 27 28 years old and trying to balance the idea of working full time and trying to put dinner on the table for myself and my husband who you will occasionally hear mentioned around here by the name Mr. Hungry.

Meet Mr. Hungry. 
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Dishwasher and trained-to-be-brutally-honest critic of most recipes you'll find here.

The Little Kitchen...
The Little Kitchen that Could began in 2009 when my 25 year old self moved into a tiny tot kitchen that was pretty much a hallway with an ancient stove.  There was a lot going against me in that little place, but I loved to cook, I had found myself newly married to a hungry husband and therefore,

original little kitchenb&wI decided this would be the little kitchen that could...
Overcome the fact that its refrigerator cannot open completely.
Be the perfect place for two tall people since the microwave could only be reached by those over 5'9.
Have 4 to 5 cooks in the kitchen... even if you did have to shimmy past each other.
Cater parties for 80... now that's what I call pushing it to the limit.
Help me cook most meals at home on a budget.  Click here for the full (and brief) tour.

The little kitchen that could has relocated down the block from its original location when we moved in the summer of 2010.  There isn't quite as much shimmying to be had because this one is more square.  But the fact that it was built in 1910 with hardly any storage and no dishwasher, makes it safe to say this is also The Little Kitchen That Could.

What you'll find here. 
I believe there is a big difference in liking to cook and putting dinner on the table every night.

Sometimes, I cook for the enjoyment, but I find myself cooking a lot for the functionality of it these days.

I try to focus on recipes that are either quick and easy, healthy, cheap or require little room and equipment.  I will occasionally get myself into something outrageous in the kitchen, but I will post a step by step of how to get yourself there if you are interested... sometimes it's worth it.

So whether you need a quick dinner or you want something a little special for a dinner party, you can find the recipes and solutions I have found as I navigate my way through the kitchen.  Glad you stopped by.

A few more facts...
I have a full time job that has nothing to do with cooking.    I work in the development office at a small private school in Houston, TX.  I love my job.  Well, occasionally it concerns matters of cooking when I find myself making homemade pasta with PK students who are studying Italy. 

This blog has led to a catering business, Little Kitchen Catering that has quickly grown from small dinner parties to cocktail parties for 80 and a wedding cake.  Given the full time job I mentioned, I am not always available, but occasionally it works out. You can email me at ashleaktaylor@gmail.com.