Skillet Chicken

skillet chicken

My life has been changed. I'm a little happier in the evenings. I feel like the possibilities are endless. Don't worry this is not another story about this 6 month old that has also changed my life (but boy, do I love talking about her). 

It's a story about this skillet chicken and how I'm ready for you to take it in to your kitchen and be giddy at dinner time because you can easily make the best and most versatile chicken any home kitchen has ever seen. I was in a chicken rut big time. We have a charcoal grill so firing it up on a weeknight for two pieces of meat seemed exhausting. I've pan seared so many chicken breasts in olive oil that I could do it in my sleep. I love a good boneless skinless chicken breast, but was bored with any past preparations. Enter the skillet chicken! (Yes, I've officially arrived at the point).

Let's talk about the method and then I'll delve into all the ways I have worked it into dinner.