Want to work a few new cooking experiences into your vacay?

Here is a list of little kitchen approved cooking classes.  I have attended any schools or classes listed on this page and I only post about the best experiences.    Please email me,, if you have any specific questions about a class or program.  I am happy to help.

Cooking in :: ITALY
Location: Tuscan hills about 15 minutes from Florence city center

Cooking in Tuscany has the most variety of any school I have been to.  You can book a whole weeks worth of cooking, visit for just a few hours or build a package that includes staying in a villa, cooking, market tours, wine tastings, bike tours and more.  

Click here to read about my experience.  Click here for a recipe from the school.  

villa san Location: Fiesole, about 15 minute drive into the hills above Florence. 
Villa San Michele is the a perfect way to learn from one of the most talented chefs in Italy while enjoying one of the fanciest and finest hotels Florence has to offer.  Morning with the chef cookery school will teach you how to make Italian classics, but you will also get to enjoy lunch on the terrace, which rivals going to see the David for importance in your Italy vacation.  

Click here to read about my experience.  Click here for a recipe from the class.

Eating In :: Cozumel, Mexico

Click here to read about my favorite places to eat in Cozumel, Mexico. 


  1. I want to go to both of these!!! And I would like you to post more cooking experiences so I can follow your tracks of great places to cook. I love you blog. Keep up the good work.

  2. We are headed to Italy this summer and we are all set up to cook at one of the places you recommended. Cooking in Tuscany. So excited and pleased to have a recommendation!

  3. I just had to thank you for your Tuscany cooking school recommendation. I was able to participate in the class today, while in Florence, and had the most wonderful experience. Five hours later, and I'm still so full that I can barely breathe! It was so fun, informative and memorable; I appreciate the suggestion more than you know!