Holiday Favorites

holiday baking

Merry Christmas my friends.  

Christmas is coming in five days and that feels a little bit shocking.  Mostly shocking because not a bit of extra butter or sugar has whipped itself into any holiday baking this year in my kitchen.  I've had my fair share of caramels and cookies and chocolate covered things.  I just can't say I made any of them myself.  It's been a wonderful but very busy month, which has not left time for the all important gingerbread man. 

I still have high hopes of doing some baking this year, but in the meantime I wanted to share some of my past favorites.  Hope you are having a very merry Christmas season.

From my little kitchen to yours... Merry Christmas.  


Orange Rolls

Orange Rollss
Finally, it's December.

I don't think I have ever said that before, but last week just really threw me for a loop.  A whole extra week in November after Thanksgiving?  It just didn't feel like the holidays.  I mean it's still 80 degrees here, but there's no telling how long that will last.  At least we can flip the calendar and start counting down.  So let's start baking treats that only seem legal during the holidays.