little kitchen resolutions

I'm really not a big January 1st resolution type person.  When there is something I want to do or accomplish, I usually try to start right then instead of coming up with a heaping list of ideas on January 1st that I usually cannot even remember by February 1st.  However,  I do have a few goals in the kitchen and I am hoping by posting them, it will help me stay accountable and track my progress.  So here they go...

1. Take a cake decorating class... I love this cake.  Probably won't be attempting something so grand, but I love the simple yet perfect texture of the icing.

2.  Make perfect roasted chicken... sounds like a great go-to meal.
roast chicken

3.  Practice icing sugar cookies... aren't these dreamy? Sure would love to take a class here.

4.  Grow more of the food I eat... details about my garden coming soon.

5.  Find a great whole wheat pizza crust.
pizza dough

6.  Cook with at least one new seasonal vegetable  that I have never experimented with.  First up... sweet potatoes.
sweet potatoes

7. Learn to make one perfect, delicious, but not too difficult loaf of bread.

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If I somehow manage to get all of these checked off somewhat soon, then I will add, but I'm quite comfortable starting with a manageable list.

Do you have any kitchen resolutions this year?  Or anything you would like to see tried in the little kitchen?


  1. Hey lady! It's been to long. Ready for your next halfsie? If you're looking for pizza crust and bread recipes I have two little suggestions for you. There's a great whole wheat pizza crust recipe at 101cookbooks.com And smittenkitchen has a really good, basic bread recipe. I'm also a big fan of Kim Boyce's oatmeal sandwich bread and orangette.blogspot.com has the recipe listed. Hope your new year is off to a great start!

  2. Can't wait for details on you roasting a chicken. I had been meaning to tackle that for awhile!

  3. Two Words: Homemade. Oreos.
    We're making it happen.

  4. I would love to take a cake class! Do you know of a good one in Houston?

  5. Thank you for the whole wheat pizza crust ideas. I will start that one first and the sandwich bread looks great. Thanks for the ideas.

    Anne, I have looked into a couple in Houston and when I find a good one, I will share.

  6. I can hardly believe you have never cooked with sweet potatoes! I am as bad as it gets in the kitchen, but I have baked a sweet potato a time or two. Can't wait to see some sweet potato recipes!

  7. love that cake! my new resolution is to hopefully get good tips from you on cake decorating once you have taken the class and make a pretty cake too! :)

  8. one of my favorite sweet pot recipes...

  9. never used sweet potatoes? i'm quite shocked!