little kitchen loves... the stick blender

 This is one of those kitchen tools that once you have for awhile you will wonder how you ever lived without it. Number one reason it is amazing... you do not have to use your blender for soups.  This is amazing for 3 reasons.  I hate cleaning a blender, you have to wait till the soup cools in order to blend it and you can blend to just the consistency that you want... for me, that is usually slightly chunky.  

The best part, you can find a good one for under $30.  You just need the hand blender.  Don't bother buying one with all the fancy attachments... I have yet to use anything but the actual blending attachment.  

What better time to buy than right now when you can put it to good use on a few hearty soups.


  1. This is one of my favorite kitchen tools too! I use it all the time. Almost daily, I'd say. Besides soups, I use it for blending up batter for single servings of protein pancakes, or blending cottage cheese with Truvia and either cocoa powder or peanut butter to make a mousse-like, high protein dessert!

  2. I second that! I didn't really want one of these, but was given one for Christmas. It sat on my shelf for awhile and then after I used it once, I loved it and find it to be irreplacable. I agree. I don't use my other attachments either.

  3. Okay, you have convinced me. I have not tried soup recipes that looked good because I did not want to get out the blender!Pathetic I know, but true!

  4. Hi all,Admitted.I am quiet dependent on my Cuisinart Hand Blender its works like a dream and is no hassle clean. I think i read it somewhere is guess it was Testfreaks , that it has gotten cheaper than before.