Pesto Mozzarella Melt

I have yet to find a recipe that involves pesto, mozzarella and tomatoes that I am not in love with.  Whether on a pizza or stirred into pasta, the Italians had it right when they combined these three.  I love using our griddler to make quick paninis and this is one I make the most.  If you do not have a griddler or panini press, you can use a nonstick skillet to get a sammie toasty and melted.
Pesto Mozzarella Melt
makes 2 sandwiches
4 thick slices of sourdough
3 tablespoons fresh basil pesto 
1 tomato, sliced 
slices of fresh mozzarella, about 1/4 inch thick
olive oil
Step by Step
1.  Heat griddler to medium heat and lightly coat plates with cooking spray
2.  Lightly coat one side of each piece of bread with olive oil. Spread pesto on the other side of both slices.
3.  Layer pesto side of bread with tomatoes and cheese and place other piece of bread on top so that the sides brushed with oil are both facing out.
4.  Lay sandwich on griddler and close lid.  Allow sandwich to toast and mozzarella to melt.  
5.  Continue to cook until bread is to desired crispiness.
6.  Remove from griddler and serve.

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  1. looks delicious, as usual! Have a great weekend and I'll see you next week. P.S. Glad you posted the Salmon pizza.