Ashlea's Aisle: Berndes Crepe Pan

Welcome to Ashlea's Aisle.  This is a new category of The Little Kitchen that will feature items that you would find on my aisle, if I had one.   I will be sharing my favorite kitchen tools and appliances, grocery finds, or anything that I have found to be useful in the kitchen.  

To kick-off Ashlea's Aisle, I am spotlighting the Berndes crepe set.  I have to credit to the pan for making all my crepe creations not only possible, but also easy and delicious.  The pan can be purchased separate from the set; however, at $34.99, I suggest springing for the whole set.  The ladle gives you perfect portions and the flat spatula makes flipping really easy.  The set includes a crepe mix that can help you get started right away, but making batter from scratch is quick and easy once your run out.  You can buy the Berndes crepe set here, or if you are in Houston you can find the set at Bering's.  


  1. I'll have to check that out. My dad was a professional chef, so growing up, he made crepes all the time for us! I never really got into cooking until after he passed away about 10 years ago, so I never paid any attention to how he made things. I will have to check this crepe set out! Thanks for posting about it!

  2. Thanks for telling us the exact pan you use... I think that makes a huge difference!

  3. $60 dollars for a freaking crepe kit, are you kidding me. How am i supposed to afford a $60 crepe kit, do you make crepes everyday cause that is what would need to happen for me to spend that much!!!!!!!

  4. Well Masterchef,
    You couldn't have commented at a better time! I will being doing a giveaway for a crepe pan very very soon! Stay tuned!

    And sometimes I do make them everyday in a week...The pan is priceless!