Clean Out The Cheese Drawer Pizza


Still can't get enough homemade pizza... I'm tellin ya I guarantee I could open up your fridge and find something to throw on a pizza.  Now I will admit we eat an uncanny amount of cheese around here so that might explain why I had quite the buffet of cheese.  There was not enough of one kind to use for a recipe so I decided to throw it all on a pizza and see what happens.  And what do you know, another one I can't live without.  The tanginess of so many different cheeses with a crispy crust and robust (yeah, that's right... i said it... robust) tomato sauce is the bomb.

So anyway, sorry for no real recipe here, but I made this basic pizza dough and added a layer of tomato sauce, then mozzarella, cheddar, parmesan and topped it off with grated gruyere and salt and pepper.

Here is the other pizza below. 

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