Birthday Cupcakes


I had an order for birthday cupcakes this weekend and considering I didn't get any, I sure was excited about them.  I suspect the excitement was because I wanted to experiment with cupcake toppers.  These were for a 60th birthday party and the order was for a dozen triple lemon cupcakes and a dozen chocolate chip peanut butter cupcakes (recipe coming soon).  The birthday girl's name started with an S so I decided to do different font S's on one side with happy birthday on the other.  I have to say they sure do spruce up a cupcake and can be made with paper and toothpicks.  If you don't love this idea, I'm sorry... because I have a feeling you will be seeing these at every opportunity I get to top something.



  1. These are adorable, Ash! Great job!

  2. those are so adorable... do you sell the toppers separately or just with cupcake orders?

  3. I love the cupcake toppers! I tried them for birthday cupcakes last fall for a friend (an idea from your strawberry cupcake recipe) and they turned out great! : )

  4. Thanks Emily and Allison. Diana, I would be happy to sell the toppers separately.

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