Tart Tragedy


Ever since I started sharing my little kitchen, the has been a misconception about this place.  Some of you have started sharing your blunders with me and telling me how that would never happen in the little kitchen.  Well, let me tell you, I don't have enough time in my day to go through all the mess ups, mistakes and even wounds I have from cooking, but today I will give you a sneak peek at just one.

So it's my first run with my new tart pan with a removable bottom and I thought things were going smoothly with my first tart until I tried to take this little sucker out of the oven.  In a rush, I thought I could just pop this out without any problem all the time being very aware that the bottom was removable.  So as you can see that didn't work out and I accidentally tapped the bottom, which led to crust flying everywhere.  What I didn't capture were the pieces of crust that lit on fire from hitting the burning coils.  For a minute I thought... this is it... this is the end of the little kitchen... I've officially burned this little box to the ground.  Thankfully, pieces of buttery crust don't have a long burn life and before I knew it, the flames were out and I just needed to clean up this mess.

So there was good and bad news from this.  Good news is I was only baking the first part so I didn't even lose the filling.  Bad news was how long it took me to figure out the solution.  So I whipped up another crust (good thing this is the easiest crust I have ever made) and started over.  As I'm about to pop it in the oven and have come up with my elaborate plan to get this out of the oven... plan:  when tart is done, I will slowly and daintily nudge the pan towards the edge of the oven with one hand while balancing a baking sheet on the other hand to slide it on to... and then it hits me... bake the darn thing on a baking sheet from the get go! ugh... where is my mind?  So there you go... lesson learned.  Always place a tart pan with a removable bottom on baking sheet before cooking. duh

*Great tart recipe coming soon


  1. glad you bounced back from this and also glad you posted it because it sounds like something I would do. haha! glad to know the little kitchen has problems sometime too. Can't wait for the tart recipe.

  2. I love your honesty. I have to say if this had happened to me, I might have just kept it a little secret, but you are hysterical and I love hearing all of the ups and downs.