Recipe Round Up: Easter Sides & Desserts

I'm sure none of you are in my boat.  I'm sure you've had your Easter meal planned out for awhile now, but I'm still trying to decide the two dishes I'll be taking to our family lunch tomorrow.  Just in case you wanted to squeeze in one more recipe or were still in a pickle like me, here are a few ideas...

Happy Easter.
Did you know pops of color are so in right now?

A perfect app... like little stuffed Easter Eggs.

Martha's Mac n Cheese
Such a classic.

So fresh.
lemony green beans

Easy to share. 
tartlet pic

You'll be such a star if you make these. 

These won't last long. 
Such savory little things.
thyme crackers


  1. I love the stuffed Tomatoes. Have a great Easter

  2. We had planned to make those stuffed goat cheese tomatoes for Easter before you even posted this and everyone loved them. My favorite part was being able to make them the night before and being able to pop the out of the refrigerator to snack on while we finished up making lunch. Great recipe and my whole family will be reading your blog now!

  3. Ha Ha. Pops of color ARE so in right now. Ha Ha. Your writing cracks me up and I love your blog! Keep up the good the good work.

  4. You can keep the salads - I just want to go to town on the pistachio lemon tarts ;) Happy Easter!

  5. Oh man, I want two of those little tomatoes and some crackers RIGHT NOW. :) What a great Easter spread!