Crepe Pan Winner Update... Read Below

I'm sorry... I'm sorry... I'm sorry.

No, I didn't cancel the contest or trick all of you into coming up with crepes and not giving away a crepe pan.  I'm apologizing because I need a little more time to reveal the winner!  You might not think this is the crisis I am acting like, but I just hate that I'm going to have to extend it a little.  Secretly, I just can't get the post together because I'm going to a cooking class! I am so so excited but I just can't do it all (and make it to work in the morning).  The Little Kitchen has also been very busy and very crowded with lots of extra cooks (it has also been the most fun I have had in that little hallway!!) so I will report on those fun cooking adventures as well.  I hope you will be okay with my extension and I promise to announce the winner by Friday!

Until then, I will be sharing one of my favorite new recipes tomorrow!

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  1. Hi Ashlea, Really like your blog...from the cute name to the recipes and pictures...what creative fun you have in your "kitchen hallway"! New adventures abound after the cooking class I'm sure...see ya'in blog space or in the hood...