Peanut Butter Patsy's


We spent the weekend at the beach with some friends and had a great time.  So I can report back to all of you who are afraid to go to the oil stricken beach, head on down to Galveston... it's still as beautiful as ever, not a tar ball in sight. Our biggest problem was that we woke up Saturday morning and realized we didn't have anything to snack on all day, which is one of my favorite activities no matter where we go.  We headed to the grocery store to get some snacks  and were doing our best to come up with something quick and easy.  I remembered these little sussies that I hadn't shared with you yet.  Our family friend Patsy told me about these  so I thought this was an appropriate name.
If you like the combo of sweet and salty as much as I do, you are going to love this one. That's about it... They are quick, easy and addicting.


Peanut Butter Patsy's
Saltine crackers
Crunchy peanut butter
Large marshmallows
Step by Step
Preheat to oven to broil.  Spread 1-2 teaspoons of crunchy peanut butter in the center of each cracker.  Place a marshmallow on top of each dollop of peanut butter.  Place crackers on a baking sheet, not touching each other.    Place in oven until tops of marshmallows are golden and bubbly.  Watch carefully so that marshmallows do not burn, they will cook very quickly.  Allow to cool slightly and serve.


  1. Oh girl. Seriously? Those look amazing! Yum!

  2. Have you tried adding another cracker and more PB on top? I am trying to find a way to make these that makes them a little more portable for on-the-go snacking. Another cracker would make them stackable. :)

  3. I have not tried that, but it sounds like it would work. The only problem I can think you might have is the marshmallow melts so I don't know how much of a mess it would make if you made them for later.

  4. This is genius. My sister-in-law told me about your blog last weekend and it is just the cutest. I have looked at so many of your yummy recipes and then we made these after dinner tonight for a little snack. I finally had to cut my sons off because we kept making more batches. they love them! it is a shame we live in Seattle because my daughter would just die to go to your mini martha camp. Keep the recipes coming!