from one little kitchen to another...

under construction

There is a pretty darn good reason that things have been so slow around here… we moved! I
had big plans of sharing the final days in the little kitchen, but things just got down right crazy. I
of course also wanted to share the new little kitchen (and yes, still very little), but we took on a
project that almost did me in.
We moved into a very old, charming house. It gives us just a little more room, which I had no
idea how nice that would really be. You can actually stand in one room and not be able to see
other people in the house… nuts!
The part I have been most nervous about with this move is the kitchen. I will share more details
about that later, but I have just come to absolutely love the little kitchen and while some people
wouldn’t dare fry an egg in that little space, I had really mastered the art of cooking in there. I
had everything right where I wanted it and I found the narrowness to just make everything at a
very convenient distance.
But alas, it is time to move on and I’m sure I will make a new home in the new little kitchen. The
main reason for the delay is that Mr. Hungy decided that he would redo the kitchen cabinets
and while it is absolutely wonderful now, there were days I thought we would never see the end
of this project.
I will share the journey of our little renovation soon, but for now I have to get ready for the in-
laws to stay with us.

So give me just a little longer and I will get back to the cooking.