Pasta Making Party


I lose track of how much I have shared about myself on here (and still a little bit shocked that other people besides my parents read this blog),  but in case you don't know, I work at a private school in the development office.  Every other year, our school has a gala to raise money for the school. Faculty and staff offer different things in order to raise money so I decided to throw a pasta making party with my coworkers.  A couple of years ago, I learned to make fresh pasta in Florence, and while I could go on for hours about that (and one day I will), right now I just wanted to tell you about our party.

I just hope everyone had as much fun as I did. We had a wonderful brie for an appetizer, fresh pasta with three sauces, and a lemon blueberry tart for dessert. Oh yeah, and chewy amaretti nutella sandwiches as a favor. It was a fun party, but I will say everyone definitely worked for their lunch.  Homemade pasta is a labor of love, but well worth the effort.  After 3 hours of cooking and eating, I needed someone to roll me out of there. I'll be back with all of the recipes and hope at least someone out there will attempt to make homemade pasta... seriously it's worth it.

First, we ate a wonderful brie topped with sun dried tomato pesto that my boss, Allison, made...
Then, it was on to make pasta...
Lots of long strips of pasta being made...

And there were sauces being made...
Then, on to drying...

Finished off with a delicious lemon blueberry tart made by my coworker, Frances.


  1. This is a party I wish I was invited to! Looks like you guys had a blast enjoying delicious food.

  2. ummm where is that nutella sandwich? :)
    all looks so YUM

  3. How fun!! What a great idea... look at all those hands holding that past a sheet. That's they way it should be done. I want to have a pasta making party!

  4. This looks so fun! I would loooove to go to a pasta making party!

  5. yum yum yum! You should teach classes that people could sign up for! I live in the Houston area and found your blog through a friend's blog. I love all your recipes!

  6. Thanks for pointing that out Amanda! I added the picture of the favors, but I will post the recipe soon... they were delicious.

    Sarah, it might be a little crowded in my little kitchen, but maybe one day... a girl can dream.

  7. I love reading about your adventures in cooking. Your small kitchen both inspires and shames me. Last week I made your banana nut muffins and shared them with my neighbor. She's an excellent cook (with 50 years of cooking for her family of 8) and told her to read your blog. This weekend, I shall attempt the cookies & cream cupcakes for the crowd of college boys who will be hanging out here.